For High quality powder coating in Sydney

A perfect finish guaranteed

Please see below for a brief summary of the common items we powder coat. Please note that if your item(s) that you wish to be powder coated are not on this list, there is still a good chance we can powder coat it. We can coat almost any metal item. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Appliances and Household Items

We can coat items including barbeque drills, kitchen mixers, lighting equipment, water heaters, washer tops and lids, vacuum cleaners and refrigeration shelves.

Automotive and Motorcycle Parts

We can coat items including antennas, ashtrays, brake assemblies, bumpers, door handles, engine blocks, luggage racks, mirror brackets, window trim, wheels, valve covers, trailer hitchers, seat frames, steering wheels, shock absorbers and windscreen wipers.

Shop / Retail Fixtures

We can coat items including display racks and shelves, store fixtures, metal furniture, computer cabinets, mechanical pencils, thumb tacks and more.

Metal Items

We can coat items including animal cages, basketball equipment, bicycle frames and wheels, bird cages, computer frames and cabinets, desk accessories, electronic equipment, espresso carts, exercise equipment, fans, free weights, golf clubs, wheelchairs, water coolers, tool boxes, ski poles, playground equipment, metal toys and wagons and much more.


We can coat items including bunk beds, coat racks, metal cabinets, lighting equipment, and kitchen tables and chairs.

Miscellaneous Items

We can coat almost any metal item. Other examples include chain saws and other lawn and garden tools, metal fencing and gutters, lightpoles, signs, posts, guard rails, boating and marine equipment, metal artwork, jewellery, and more.